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Hi dear friend, welcome to the science and technology center, Oxford Plus (O+) website.
If you are a lecturer, student, graduate, engineer, programmer, developer of various systems and in general in communication and a lover of knowledge and technology, the Oxford Plus website is the focal point for your permanent presence.
In Oxford Plus, in addition to computer software and hardware, topics and projects related to electronics, robotics and even biology! are covered.
We hope that you, dear friend, will actively participate in the Oxford Plus knowledge and technology center by following the contents and by trying and using the projects and systems presented on the Oxford Plus website and, of course, by sending your valuable comments. Make it your own friendly and useful hangout ...

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  06 March 2021 - Two users (on 2/7/2021 and 3/6/2021) have commented on the articles: oxford.plus/?a=17 and oxford.plus/?a=18
(Our reply to them: به دلیل آمدن ورژن‌های جدیدتر به بازار، دیگر این ورژن های ویندوز در وب‌سایت آکسفوردپلاس ارائه نمی‌گردند)
  05 March 2021 - Imagine a compiled binary code that runs very fast on the client side, on the web browser ... Open these WebAssembly Games to forget for a while that you are working with a browser: List of WebAssembly Games .
  05 March 2021 - Do you have the courage?  
  02 March 2021 - A new ProTip has been published: Create pictures with transparent background.
  02 March 2021 - Next time you want to give up, think of this ...  
  02 March 2021 - Don't forget barbecue grill ...  
  22 February 2021 - Online labs complementing e-learning and a teacherless future
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